HackCon V: Hackathons and Startup Communities

A discussion at HackCon V about how to connect your hackathon with local startup communities

June 16, 2017 - 1 minute read -
HackCU Startups startups2students

One of the keys to building a successful startup is a team of technical talent from diverse backgrounds. Today it is becoming increasingly hard to find good talent in a world where by 2020 there is expected to be a shortage of 1 million computer science jobs. For startups to attract talent they need to think of unique ways to sell their culture and idea, and for young talent it is differentiating to work at a small company early in your career. Hackathons are a perfect way for young developers to meet startups and for startups to meet young talent.

At HackCU we’ve been working with startups since our inception. We run a startup career fair called startups2students, and this year we introduced a startup tier to our sponsorship program that makes it easy for startups to attend our main event and talk to talented students from around the country. This year I will be leading a discussion at HackCon V on how to connect startup communities and hackathons. If you’re going to be at hackcon I’d love to see you there!